Crazy,,, Emotional,,,, Menopausal Mother…..Need I say more??


As I set here and type this I think back to when my children were little. No I wasn’t the greatest mother in the world, but I did the best I could. I guess I have this on my mind because my only son just moved out about a week ago and my oldest daughter has been married for almost 2 years now. So I am beginning to have that “empty nest”feeling.  Of course my youngest daughter is a Junior in high school and she is still home but I am use to having a house full.  When your so use to cooking for 5 and now cooking for 3 you also have to figure out how many potatoes to use when making mashed potatoes. Just silly little things. So many things in my life I wish I could do over. No I’m not talking about the births of my babies I mean how I raised them. I wish I could have spent more time with them, went on more picnics , made more memories.I have to remind myself sometimes I can’t ponder on that I did the best I knew how. I had a great childhood with 2 loving still married parents. My children are a product of divorce and we settled on a “joint custody” which meant I would have the kids 7 consecutive days and vise versa. I hardly ever got my children on Christmas because it didn’t fall on “my week”, which meant I missed out on the excitement of them running into the living room on Christmas morning. Sooooo many times I wish I could change things but then I think about how I was the one that was there to teach them how to be a good person, I taught them how to use their hands to build things and to figure out a solution when they had a problem. I love my children unconditionally. I am a good listener and advise giver.  I am a good mother!!! 

My husband and everyone else likes to poke fun at me because I love my chickens so much but I honestly believe it is because they need me. My children are grown and although they need me when they need to talk or need me to cook for them or what ever they need me for it’s not the same as when they HAD to have me to help them survive. If I didn’t make them food they would starve, if I didn’t give them a bath they would be dirty, etc. You get where I am going with this. Like now my chickens NEED me to feed them, water them and make sure they have shelter. I love watching them peck at the ground and see them running to my feet when I go out to feed them. I am a good mother!!!


I am a good mother to my children and to my chickens and I wouldn’t have it any other way!!!




Old Farmers……Smart Folks

We had a great Easter weekend. The sun was finally shining on my off days and there were things to be done. We got most of our garden planted although it’s not quiet time for the squash to go in the ground. So we now have Corn, Okra, Cucumbers, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Tomatoes and Green Onions. I got my Strawberry plant yesterday and will be planting it as soon as the rain stops. I will be also planting an Herb garden for the first time. I believe I am going to use the list that Lisa from Fresh Eggs Daily has posted on her blog. Here’s the link if you would like to read about it  My saying is “Happy Hens are Laying Hens”  and we love some fresh eggs!!

So we went to the feed store yesterday and I was talking to the farmer that owns it about using nipple waterers for my chickens. This man has several chicken houses so he takes me out and shows me how the “big boys” do it. All I can say is WOW!!! Automatic feeders and waterers!!! Now if they only had automatic chicken house cleaners he would be in business!!! Anyways he gave me a section of the PVC with the nipples on it for my chickens. You would have thought I had won the lotto I was so excited to get it home and try this thing out. So……needless to say THEY LOVED IT!

I just capped off one end and placed a female coupling on the other end to attach my water hose too. It only needs about 5 lbs or less of pressure. I used good ole trusty zip ties to put it up on the side of my run and Voila! No more poopy and dirty water fresh and clean every drink they take!! Happy Hens are Laying Hens!!

Sorry for the awful quality photos I will try to get some better photos to show you exactly how I did it.




So what I am trying to get at is you don’t have to go to some big name company to get your feed or supplies. It pays to go to the “little man” as Alan Jackson says. I get better prices and friendlier service at my “little, not so little” feed store.  Sometimes we go in have a seat in 1 of the 4 rocking chairs and just listen to old farmers stories. That right there is the way we learn to do things the “olden” way. People, listen to the older folks because times are changing so fast that we are forgetting how things once were. If only things were as simple as they are in the country. Man I love living in Rural America. So the next time an elder starts to tell you a story don’t pick up your phone to check your Facebook, roll your eyes or stare off and daydream LISTEN. You might just learn something! I know I do.


Rusty the Rooster

ImageWell this was our first hatchling. Sure I have been to the feed stores and bought those cute little fuzz balls, brought them home and raised them but to let one hatch is amazing! After the baby hatched the mother wasn’t very nice to it so I had to take it out and now I am it’s mother. He follows me around every where I go. 

ImageI have taught him to perch, scratch for worms and bugs. When we go into the backyard he will not let me get very far before he starts chirping really loud and then he will flap those little wings to catch up with me. 

He is definitely my little baby! There is no satisfaction greater than raising and caring for your own animals. I use Facebook a lot to learn new things. I love Fresh Eggs Daily and get a lot of information from her. If your interested look her up!! I learn something new everyday! 

ImageFinally here he is a couple days ago growing like crazy and getting his little feathers in. If you look closely you can see the worm in his mouth. He’s such a big boy 🙂 This post is really not a learning post I just wanted to share my newest baby!! I will be updating as he grows!!



Springtime in Georgia


I have been feverishly planting my seedlings to get them ready for our first garden. This is a photo of our tomato plants starting to sprout. I saved the seeds from a tomato I ate last summer so we will see how it goes. I was a little hesitant because I was not sure it would work. So here is a little about saving your tomato seeds:


Many plant seeds can be saved by collecting them as they dry. Tomatoes take a bit more work. The tomato seeds are enclosed in a gel like sack that contains growth inhibitors, preventing the seeds from sprouting inside the tomato. The best way to remove this gel covering is to allow the fruits to rot and ferment. In nature this happens when the fruit falls off the plant. For seed savers, we’re going to speed up the process.

The first step is to choose your best looking tomatoes. You want to save seed from the finest fruit, so that next year’s plant will have good genes. [Remember you should only save seed from open pollinated (OP) tomatoes.Which means it is pollination by insects, birds, wind, or other natural mechanisms. That includes all the heirlooms also.

Slice the fruit in half so that the stem end is on one side and the blossom end on the other. This will expose the seed cavities better than if you sliced through the stem end. In some paste and smaller tomatoes, the seeds are so concentrated in the cavity that you can scoop them out and still be able to use the flesh of the tomato for cooking. Many slicing tomatoes will require scooping out all of the flesh with the seeds. Whichever the case, scoop the seeds into a clean bowl or jar.

Now I washed the seeds as good as I could and placed them in a coffee filter and laid them on the counter to dry. After they had dried I simply folded up the coffee filter and placed them in a baggie and put them in a drawer out of the sunlight. When it was time to plant indoors for my zone I simply took them out and placed one in the dirt. I like using the toilet paper rolls as they are biodegradable. 

With a Chick Chick Here and a Chick Chick There…

photo5Our chicks are 3 weeks old today and Yes I still have 6! YAY!! They have outgrown their 1st brooder so I make shifted a new one. They seem to really like it and they have a lot more room to flap those little wings. I added a stick from the yard so they could start perching and they are getting pretty good at it.

photo4This little lady right here is definitely a camera hog every time I seem to get a good shot she is right there looking at me. I believe she is going to be a prissy one. As of now they are loving it! I get alot of my info from She has alot of informational stuff on her website.


See what I mean… Loves the camera!


It’s beginning to look alot like Spring!!

1798618_10201400071706324_128731079_nSo as of yesterday we started tilling up the ground for our first ever garden. I must say that tiller kicked our butts!! If you have never used one all I can say is hold on!!!!! I have already started my broccoli and cauliflower seeds indoors and they are sprouting like crazy so wont be long and I will be able to take them outdoors. I was doing some online research on when to start tilling and I found this website it had come in pretty helpful. I also downloaded the Burpee app for my iPhone it can me found on their website at It tells you when to plant your seeds outdoors and when to start indoors. I find it REALLY helpful.

1528631_10201400071506319_658027805_nI do believe we have out work cut out for us. We are trying to work on getting plenty of veggies so this fall we will be able to can and freeze what we have. I am totally new at this gardening thing so if anyone has any pointers please don’t hesitate to share them!




Seedlings and Horses

Well it is finally getting almost Spring time!! I went to Lowe’s this past weekend and was looking at all of the seeds for our garden this year and came across a few that I could go ahead and start indoors! I came across a pin on Pinterest that was using toilet paper rolls as the planters. I got them planted this morning and did a little tutorial in case some of you would like to do this yourself.

dirt, toilet paper rolls (cut in half), toilet paper (1 ply), seeds, bowl or container and rocks for drainage

I first put the rocks in the container to help with drainage

Then I placed the dirt into the toilet paper rolls.. I also added some compost I had to the dirt to help with sprouting

Next I added a drop of water to the toilet paper so it would help hold the seeds into place…

Then placed the seeds 1/2 into the dirt and covered up!

Last but not least I watered them to where the soil was moist but not standing in water and place it in front of a window to get sunlight!

I got my information for planting this particular seed from the website below. Try it out and let me know how it works for you! I will be updating on my progress with this method.

Introducing: Stormy Night My Mare

I went and got my precious mare on Friday afternoon and all I can tell you is she is GREAT!! I rode her combed her hair, braided her hair, gave her a Bday pie  (her bday was Thursday she is now 9 years old! She was so calm and I honestly think she loved every minute of it! Here are a few pictures of her.



Happy Birthday Stormy